Touching Your True Power

Monique Darling and Peter Petersen

  • Learn How to Cultivate your Innate Energetic Power
  • Learn how to send and receive your Energy so you partner can fully receive it. 
  • Learn how to use this energy to help manifest your desires into reality. 

Get in touch with your innate power, innate energy and how that energy occurs within you, so you can communicate and share that energy with the earth, with a partner, with yourself or where ever you want to direct it.   Once you connect with all that energy inside of you, you will walk out of the class feeling like anything is possible in your life.

Heavenly Luck : Earthly Life

Thalia Alexiou

Learn who to connect to the angelic essence of your divine self and absorb  of the power of miraculous creation. 

Bring this heavenly luck down to your earthly life and start living your life by design- intending, creating and unfolding all of your deepest desires in a beautiful flow.

Stop reacting and bouncing  from one unguided situation to another, and  Feel at  ease of life as you live in harmony with your dreams,

Raising Enlightened Children

Donna Pirnat

Join child educator and empowerment coach, Donna Pirnat as she discusses tools to help guide today's children through the maze of life.   In this class you will learn: 


  • “I’m Special, You’re Special, We’re All Special” learn how to teach your children what special means through distinguishing the difference between inherent value and entitlement. 
  • Teach Compassion and empathy and how to navigate through the emotions of each
  • Free – Range Children (Schooling, Home Schooling, Unschooling). 
  •  Tolerance and Appreciation of differences and Cultural sensitivity in nonjudgmental ways.
  • Empowerment: Living by design not default
  • Awareness/Activism/Leadership
  • Self Confidence, feeling masterful through small successes. 

Ancient Healing Music.


Discover  the therapeutic music of the ancient Hellenic Asklipies and the musical instruments they used. This musical genre is considered the oldest music used for healing and meditation. suitable for disease prevention, improving the functioning of the body and vital organs, deep relaxation for meditation, fighting insomnia and others.