Qi Gong with Peter Petersen


  • Calm Your Mind
  • Reduce Stress, 
  • Strengthen Your Muscles 
  • And become one with all in the Here and Now. 

Move your body and get out of your head.  Feel your emotion.  Feel what is transpiring in the moment.  Slow your body down, take your mind out of the process and be more present with who you are.  Become more aware of your now and be okay with what is happening, for there is a natural relaxation when you become super present and allow the synergy of universal   

Tantric Kundalini with Alaya Love


Use Breath, Movement and Sound to 

  •  Activate your Glandular System
  •  Strengthens the nervous system 
  •  Expand your lung capacity 
  •  Purify your bloodstream.

Come Alive.   Flow, Move, Breath and Sound the way your body wants to.  Help your emotions flow free, your mind become clear and let your spirit and entire body float in bliss.   Sa Ta Na Ma – Infinity , Life, Death, Rebirth  -   Find your Infinity, what lies right with you and Be Your Own Guru.

Touch Your Power: Dance of the 5 Elements


Dance with Intention.    Put the energy and Passion of a desire into a Dance and allow the energy of the dance help manifest whatever dreams you desire come to life.

 Learn how to turn your goals into a seed that comes forth from your heart.   Plant that seed, Nurture it.  Give it water, sunlight and watch it blossom into beautiful reality.