Meditations and Healings

Tantric Kundalini Activation with Alaya Love

Raise and expand your life force energy through your energy channel.   Giving you a direct connection to your highest source, which is the connection to all source.   Charge your energy body with this life force.  Magnetize yourself, so you can pull in whatever you want to create in this world, and simply flow with what you attract.

Quantum Meditation with Thalia Alexiou

Thalia Alexiou will take you in to a deep relaxation trance that sets you free from  your body as you journey through parallel worlds, enabling you to bring the  higher vibrations  of these explorations back with you to your life on this plane. 

Uncovering Your SoulPrints with Jeff Geis

Dive into the essence of your soul as you explore your akashic records and uncover the depth of you SoulPrints, the reason you are here in this life and all the paths your are here to explore. 

Sacred Sound Healing with Alaya Love

  • Entrain your brainwaves to Theta healing state to induce deep meditative peaceful State
  • Cleanse Your Chakras and unlock the power within
  •  Immerse your nervous system into the melodic vibrations of the bowls relieving tension, stress and pain. 

Sound healing is he practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair DNA strands, and damaged tissue and cells within the body, promoting healing, happiness and vitality. Join Alaya Love as she guides you through a relaxing and meditative journey  into the senses and mind-body connectivity, using live healing sounds of the Tibetan Singing bowls . 

The Cave at Corikion Andron


 Delphi is the spiritual home of Apollo. Apollo holds 4 properties: Archery, Medicine, Music and Divination. They are properties linked to each other, one resulting from the success of the other. Apollo through his Teachings calls us to work with and finally adopt these properties.  

In this workshop we will seize the opportunity to practice the Musical qualities of God Apollo, being in His Home, since the energy of the places is decisive (geodesy). With the help of “idiophonic” instruments, we will immerse in the primordial sounds and vibrations. Primordial sounds resemble those of the Universe and Vibrations are ecstatic for the cells, since they were created by them.  Idiophonic are the instruments that produce sounds by vibrating their own body, with the Human Body being the first of this kind, of course. When we talk, laugh and generally produce sounds, we do it by vibrating our bodies. This is why these instruments have a direct effect on us!

 It has been observed that one hour of exposure to the primordial sounds, 

  • It corresponds to 8 hours of sleep (a condition in which the human body is rebuilt and cuddled). 
  • Improves memory and speech as it intervenes harmoniously in brain waves. 
  • Minimizes stress. 
  • Increases positive thinking and attitude of life.
  • Reduces pain wherever it is (bones, muscles, organs, cells…). 
  • It touches and moves the Soul,it gives Harmony. 
  • Tones and tunes , it stimulates the human body.

 …and many more benefits that are experiential and one of a kind for each and every one! In this workshop, we come in comfortable clothes, lie down in a suitable position , close our eyes relax and just stay "open" to Sound and Vibration. The rest are taken over by the Wisdom of our Body. That simple!  Apollo's name is described as "simplicity," says Plato. That's because the truth is always on simple things!