Lectures and Presentations

Connect to the Light of Apollo

 Thalia Alexiou 

Connect ancient knowledge to all kinds of codes, what those codes mean while you lean about  The Apollonian consciousness and how to  initiate the light of Apollo  during a  4 day workshop that  including a special hour of daily meditation

During this course you will connect to the fundamentals of being (breathing, thinking and acting. You will also...
Activate the capacity to self generate (activity)
Strengthen your intention to live as a conscious being (thinking actively)
Receive learning tools and practice to incorporate into your life for healthier living
Open the doors to knowledge of all kinds including
health, wealth, success, relationships and family

"Know Thyself"

Elefherios Argyropoulos

The belief of the Pythagoreans that everything is expressed and interpreted by numbers is evidenced by the saying "the wisdom of the beings is the number". During this Lecture the full relationship of the Greek language with mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine and all sciences is demonstrated.

        The Pythagoreans and Plato were convinced that the world was built from the five elements (fire, earth, water, air and ether), ie the normal solids. The correspondence of each of these is explained  through the Pythagorean code. Despite the controversies and reactions that have been expressed, you will come to the conclusion that the decoding of the Greek language can lead man to the path of truth. 

Breaking the Mahamudra Seed


Jeffrey M.  Geis

Learn how to shift your consciousness away from your physical perceptions and the seed that binds your soul to your body and  take a multi-dimensional journey through 11 stages of consciousness .  

Learn the consciousness of each Chakra.

  • Root: Find your energetic Connection with Gaia Earth. 
  • Sacral: Pull the Energy and mix it with the creative sacral Powers
  • Solar Plexus: Feel your internal Power and create your place in this world
  • Heart: Open your heart to spread your power and manifest your desires in this world
  • Throat: Share your soul essence for all to see, intertwine with others at their essence until you become one with them in unity consciousness
  •  Third Eye: See your soul prints and all the pre-Membrance they bring in the here and now.
  •  Crown : Find your Divinity and bring it back to your heart