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Apollo Archaeological Sites

Package includes guided tour tickets to to explore and learn the history of this sacred site. . 

Meditate at Athena Temple

Soak in the divine glory of temple of Athena Pronaia during daily meditations. 

Apollo Delphi Botanic Garden


Visit to the Apollonian Botanic Garden where you can learn about the magical health benefits of rare Greek herbs and their application to your daily diet for a healthy life.

Corcyian Cave

Explore the sacred cave of Corcyian Nymphs and Muses and learn about the Corcyan Fire. 

Hellenic Culinary Classes


Well Being with Delphi Cooking Class to uncover the flavorsome combinations and cooking techniques that give the Hellenic cuisine its delicious character and obtain an E.D.U. culinary certificate.

A Walk in the Footsteps of the Gods.

 A Walk in the Footsteps of the Gods, like a Philosophical promenade in 7000 B.C.