Human Enlightement Presenters

Thalia Alexiou


"Get Connect with the Light of Apollo"

Thalia Alexiou is a US citizen born in Greece. She lives and works as an alternative medicine therapist and a spiritual coach in New Jersey. She is a self-improvement and life coaching seminar instructor in US and Europe.

At this event, she will teach the Connection of Heaven and Earth. She will guide participants through Initiate and Quantum Meditations, Ceremonial Events, Connection to the God Apollo, Divine Channeling/Attunements, Dream-Catching Seminars and the Science of Healing. For more information about Thalia, visit:


 Apollonios is a musician, composer and researcher. He has studied theory of music, musicology and instrumentation at Berkley School of Music (USA). Since then, he is researching ancient Hellenic music and constructing ancient Hellenic musical instruments. He is the director and founder of the research centre of Hellenic music and musical instruments Apollonios. His aim is the regeneration of the therapeutic music of the ancient healing centres of antiquity, the most important musical system of ancient Greece. He has given many concerts in theatres, in ancient sites, at the Athens Megaron and performed in various conferences such as the International conference on Philosophy, in meetings of the committee of the Olympic games, Eurotas and many more.  

"Ancient healing music"

For more information about Apollonios music visit:

Elefherios Argyropoulos


"Know Thyself"

Know Thyself with Pythagorean numerology Destiny, Love, Faith Lecture with the Mystic Pythagorean Code by Mathematician & writer Eleftherios Argyropoulos.

Eleftherios also reveals the secrets of the Greek ancient language.

For more information about Eleftherios, visit:

Monique Darling

 Author of ‘Beyond Cuddle Party’ and workshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 1500 workshops in the past 8 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have.Learn more ab out Monique by going to or track her whereabouts at 

Jeffrey M. Geis

Author of "The Dream Painter"  and "Conscious Points of View"  and founder of Jeff is dedicated to bringing together the messaging of enlightened souls through workshops, retreats, festivals and on-line programming in the form of Live and Virtual 5D playgrounds where all can  explore and play.

His workshops explore the consciousness of an 11 chakra system diving into the emotions, essence and subtle bodies of each layer, enabling participants to fully realize their truest self in all forms and aspects.  

Alaya Love


Alaya radiates a fun-loving and empowered sensual energy. She moves through the world guided by love, intuition and pleasure, with a mission to help us all raise the vibe, rise in love, and come alive!

She has come passionately alive through a journey of Tantric Kundalini yoga,  tantra, shamanism, Egyptian alchemy, and sound healing. With a fearless passion for living her authentic truth, Alaya has become an International Facilitator of these practices which have transformed her own life, and have brought her to the highest states of source connection and everyday ecstasy.

She has been exploring the world hosting workshops, retreats and festivals since 2014 while offering individual healing and coaching sessions.

You can follow Alaya Love on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Email s.

Peter Petersen


Peter Petersen has been teaching qigong for 17 years and has been a certified massage therapist for the last 15. Peter has been teaching in health clubs, hospitals, retirement villas, and several different wellness/spa resorts in Mexico and the United States, such as Rancho La Puerta, Mayacamas Ranch, and Present Moment Retreat. Peter has been teaching Tantra and its practices for the last 3 years with Monique and are super excited to be on this path together. Peter is also a personal wellness coach. This Qigong practice helps people ground themselves into their “now” to increase their present moment awareness of their behaviors, and find simple solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and sleeping. The result of this tool box of healthy information is that clients become their own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into their everyday lives.

For more information about Peter  Petersen visit:

Donna Pirnat

A retired Elemetary School teacher turned Massage Therapist, Donna remains a teacher at heart and is passionate about transforming current social views surrounding touch.  

Her meetup group Embrace the World aims to educate the public about the need for healthy touch and empower people to give and receive affection more freely.   

Her business Embrace Positive Touch, offers a resource for people to access healthy boundary setting and work around learning about true consent in relationship with others. 


  Halkioti Anna- “Oceanna”, has established and coordinates the School of Self-Knowledge, Philosophy and Reiki, "Ocean", where Seminars for Self-Improvement and Personal Development take place, based on Greek and Eastern Philosophy. She gives degrees to the Usui Reiki system and works with teams and with individuals with the Therapeutic properties of Sound and Music, a method that was well used in the Asclepians.  She has written three textbooks on Mikao Usui's Reiki, as far as possible in its original form before the Western influences. In there is also included her personal research on how Eastern culture met with the Greek, and what interaction came out of this. (Textbooks are available only in the School “Ocean”). She has also participated in a group publishing with the duality "The Collectors", (Ostria Publishing House). She has worked with people from Europe and Turkey, giving lectures, seminars and Primary Sound Labs.