Euphoria In the Light Of The Gods

Meditations and Healings

Alaya Love Sacred Sound Healings

Relax, Connect and Enlighten yourself with transformative guided meditations and powerful energy healings. 

Rituals and Ceremonies

Art of Adoration Puja With Moniqe Daring and Peter Petersen

Unleash your divinity through sacred ancient  ceremonies in  in the magical playground Zeus created for Apollo showcase the same.  

Movement Arts

Qi Gong with Peter Petersen

Become completely present with  your Body, Mind and Spirit through Qi Gong, Kundalini and Yogic Practices. 


Unleash your True Power as renowned international facilitators take you  on life changing  journeys through illuminating workshops. 


Author, Healer,  Film Producer, Thalia Alexiou

Join captivating speakers as they explicate thought provoking wisdom

Explore and Play

Pamper yourself  like the god   in luxiurious 4 star hotel, dine on succulent meals and explore the center of the universe through fascinating excursions of the sacred spots, all included in the package price. 

About Us

Euphoria in the Light of The Gods

The Human Enlightenment Experience takes students of life on a 7 day magical ride through the  center of the Universe – Delphi, Greece, where Apollo set a sanctuary for musicians, writers, speakers and healers to share their gifts and learn from each other while  absorbing  the energy of their archetypes/gods shining down on them 

Enlightening Workshops

Classes and workshops on ancient holistic arts will be conducted on site at the ruins of Delphi where students can tap into the divine energy set forth by the gods and thousands of years of fellow patrons who came to learn, study and bask in the enlightenment.

Additional workshops and formal Presentations will be conducted at Delphi, giving participants a chance to learn from and meet numerous Speakers and Teachers from across the globe who travel here to share their wisdom. 

Relax and Enjoy

Absorb the scenery as you enjoy fabulous meals at a luxurious hotel.   

Visit to the Apollonian Botanic Garden  where you can learn about the magical health benefits of rare Greek herbs and their application to your daily diet for a healthy life.

Uncover the flavorsome combinations and cooking techniques that give the Hellenic cuisine its delicious character and obtain an E.D.U. culinary certificate.  

 Or simply relax and take in the greecian sun. 

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You are invited to participate in the the Human Enlightenment Festival in DELPHI!

Ask for the various options we can offer you regarding:  Accommodations, Transfers  and Excursions

Human Enlightenment Festival

Φιλοδινα, Σειρήνων 38, Paleo Faliro, Αττικη, Greece


Stay in Touch with the Artists and Presenters you meet at the Festival.